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Outrage over Kabi’s initiation flirtation

ALL Basotho Convention (ABC) leader Nkaku Kabi allegedly spent just three days at an initiation school in December but was proud to be paraded as a lekoloane. Kabi allegedly spent 72 hours at an initiation school in Matatiele, South Africa. The school is said to be owned by his friend. Kabi was spotted at a family party around Thota-moli on December 27.

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Soon after, news broke out that he had gone to an initiation school.
It was however not clear which school he had attended.

Because of his political position, some older initiates tried to look for the school he had attended. They checked schools around Maseru but could not find him.
Then on December 29, news broke out that Kabi had just graduated from initiation school and was ready to be welcomed home.

On the same day, social media was abuzz with pictures and videos of Kabi smeared with ochre and singing with other initiates.
But it wasn’t long before some people started questioning his credentials as a lekoloane because he had only been to an initiation school for three days

Those questions have persisted and have now escalated to get the notice of the national initiation committee which says it wants answers from the ABC leader.
Mopheme Mokoena, the secretary general of the national initiation committee, said spending 72 hours at an imitation school and passing off as a lekoloane is “unacceptable”.

“If he could be seen paying homage to our local initiation schools, he has to go through the ritual process again,” Mokoena said, adding that Kabi should only be confined to the South African initiation schools where he was initiated.

He said it takes at least five weeks to complete the full initiation “curriculum” and initiates should be at the school full-time.
Initiation schools are governed by closely guarded and controlled rules and protocols that are supposed to be known only to lekoloane.

Mokoena said the committee will meet next Wednesday to discuss what to do with Kabi’s “unacceptable behaviour”.
Several attempts to get Kabi’s side of the story were fruitless as his phone rang unanswered.

He read WhatsApp messages but did not respond.

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