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MPs want red number plates for their cars

MPs are demanding red number plates for their official vehicles which they say will allow the police to “respect” them on the road. Their vehicles currently have green number plates. Jacob Makhalanyane told Speaker of Parliament Tlohang Sekhamane last week to ensure all MPs get the red number plates as a matter of urgency.

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Makhalanyane, who is the MP for Abia constituency, was assaulted by the police two weeks ago as he was driving to his home in Ha-Abia.

The police told him that his number plate was not legit.

“We want these to be changed and replaced with the red ones,” Makhalanyane said.

He was backed by the chairman of chairmen of parliament’s committees, Mokhothu Makhalanyane, who complained that “the red number plates with X are given priority and preference over the green number plates given to MPs”.

“I thought parliament would help us iron out the issue of MPs number plates,” Mokhothu Makhalanyane said.

“They are not dignified and respected in the eyes of those who see them,” he said.

Mokhothu Makhalanyane said many MPs have since removed them from their cars “because they are not respected”.

“Those who know us will identify us as their MPs,” he said.

He said he was disappointed that parliament had not received a letter from the police stating that they would not pull over MPs once they see their number plates.

“Maybe you will not understand, Mr Speaker, because you use the X number plates,” he said.

He said even principal secretaries pass easily at police roadblocks because their cars have red number plates, leaving MPs being pulled over by the police.

Sekhamane responded saying the green number plates are important because they make everyone recognise them as MPs.

He said he was not aware that the PSs’ vehicles are given preference over the MPs.

“Instead of complaining here as the chair of chairs, you can write to me,” Sekhamane told Mokhothu Makhalanyane.

“I know what happened to the Abia MP,” he said.

He warned the members that the matter needs to be handled with care.

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