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Plot to oust Mahao

A group of MPs from the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) is said to be plotting to push Basotho Action Party (BAP) leader Nqosa Mahao from the coalition government. The MPs tried to raise the issue of Prof Mahao‘s removal from the government at their parliamentary caucus this week but the issue was postponed because there was no coram and many of the party’s senior leaders were not present.

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“We have just differed the matter to a meeting when the leaders will be there but the push to get him out is on,” said an MP who is part of the group behind the plot.

“The real issue here is that he has been disrespecting and undermining RFP MPs by going into their constituencies without consulting them.”

“When the MPs complain about this in parliament Prof Mahao was rude.”

The source was referring to Prof Mahao’s recent stinging retort after the MP for Tsoana-Makhulo, Teboho Notsi, asked why he had visited his constituency without consulting him.

Prof Mahao said no law says a minister should consult an MP before visiting their constituency.

Tšilo Abinyane, the MP for Koro-koro, has also raised concerns about Prof Mahao’s visit to his constituency. Prof Mahao comes from the same constituency.

Abinyane won the constituency while Mahao is in parliament through proportional representation. Sources said Abinyane is one of those MPs who believe that Prof Mahao is using his position as Minister of Energy to raise his political profile by launching electrification projects. Abinyane however told thepost that he was not aware of any plot against Prof Mahao.

“Who are we to do that? If there are any issues in the government they should be addressed by our leaders,” Abinyane said.

“We have a right to approach them to air our concerns”.

Abinyane however admitted that he had some “issues” with Prof Mahao. “Personally, I have issues with him in the constituency regarding execution of his duties,” he said.

Teboho Lehloenya, the BAP’s director of communications, said the party’s position is informed by the coalition agreement.

“We have signed the coalition agreement that states that any partner who wishes to depart from that agreement should notify the other partners and they have to agree,”  Lehloenya said.

“Up to this point, we are comfortable working with all the coalition partners. Our relations are smooth and cordial.”  

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