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Trouble brewing for former BAP chairman

TELLO Kibane, the former chairman of the Basotho Action Party (BAP), could soon regret his decision to address the party’s rally in Mosalemane on Sunday. thepost understands that the BAP leadership is so annoyed with Kibane’s speech that it is planning to slap him with several disciplinary charges.

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The source of Kibane’s impending trouble is where he gave the speech, what he said, and who he talked about.

He is likely to be charged with giving a speech at an event in another constituency without the party’s approval. Being from the Peka constituency, Kibane needed the party’s approval to address the rally in Mosalemane.

The official line is that the rally was organised by the Mosalemane constituency committee, but some in the BAP leadership thought it was instigated and bankrolled by Tankiso Phapano, the principal secretary of Energy.

Phapano has been fighting with the BAP leader Prof Mahao at the Ministry of Energy for the past five months. Their battle is largely to blame for the recent strife in the BAP and the party’s tense relations with the ruling Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) in the coalition government.

In his speech, Kibane narrated the history of the fallout between the erstwhile friends but appeared to insinuate that Prof Mahao was the aggressor while Phapano has always been pleading for peace. For instance, he says it was Phapano who asked him to intervene because Prof Mahao was hostile.

“Phapano told me that he has been burying his head in the sand but could not stomach this issue any more,” Kibane said.

“He (Phapano) asked me to take this matter further to the party’s committee to mediate”.

Prof Mahao has, however, told a different story in which he sought the party’s intervention after Phapano became belligerent a few days after his appointment.

Kibane also told the rally that Prof Mahao still holds a grudge against members of the party’s working committee who attended a meeting with some RFP officials at the MGC Park in January to discuss his transfer from the Ministry of Energy to the Ministry of Sports. The basis of that proposed transfer was Prof Mahao’s squabbles with Phapano.

“The leader is still holding a grudge against us despite attempts to bury the hatchet,” Kibane said.

“We tried to say sorry to him but he did not accept”.

Kibane resigned as chairman after some constituencies demanded an explanation about that meeting.

thepost understands that Kibane could also be charged for attending that meeting because he has not officially apologised to the party for his attendance.

Meanwhile, Prof Mahao has suspended the deputy secretary general, Hilda Van Rooyen, from the party.

Van Rooyen resigned as deputy secretary general after Prof Mahao asked her to explain why she could not be suspended for attending the meeting at the MGC and encouraging disloyalty against the leadership.

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