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Muckraker is not superstitious but now believes there are angry and rude lithokolosi at the roundabout near Pioneer Mall. Surely science and engineering cannot explain the stubborn potholes at the roundabout.

Muckraker sympathises with Sister Dr Morai, whose stint of pretending to be the police commissioner has just ended. It wasn’t a bad audition at all. No one can claim she didn’t try hard to shout at criminals.

Muckraker’s first car was a Mazda Demio. The old shape, not this new one that has grown hips and nyash. One day Mazda Demio (the church girl, not the slay queen) started spitting fumes from the backside. Muckraker rushed it to Thabang, the mechanic, who said it should be admitted into his “Under the Tree …

Our dear MPs had a busy week again. This time they were discussing what they should wear to work. Jane Lekunya, the Mechachane MP, was irritated that Hope leader’s Machabana was wearing a trouser in parliament. Machabana should be sent home to dress appropriately “to look like an MP”.

Muckraker swallowed four bottles of wine when sister Dr Mahlape Morai was appointed acting police commissioner. It was something to cheer for and an excuse to be intoxicated. At Muckraker’s age you need a valid reason and incident to get drunk stupid. Dr Morai’s appointment was both plus the naughty wink of approval.

THUSO Makhalanyane, the Abia MP, is probably still nursing bruises and aching muscles after being roughed up by the police at a roadblock. He claims the police beat and dragged him after he objected to their attempt to impound his car over a missing rear number plate.

Hear, hear, hear! Parliament had an important discussion last week. The agenda was not unemployment, hunger, corruption, poverty or climate change. It’s your problem if you think those issues matter. Our MPs were busy with something special. They were pushing the Speaker to ensure they get the red number plates as a matter of urgency.

SOME things don’t need debate or consultation to settle. It is a notorious fact that Molise Tšeole never had the skills, manners or character to be an ambassador. That post has always been miles beyond his competency and dignity.

MUCKRAKER has been waiting for our MPs to explain why they want a M75 000 salary. She hoped somewhere in the sewage the MPs were spraying as justification for their attempt to rob us blind was some reasonable argument. Just something to show that there was some sort of method to their rank madness and …

Muckraker is still recovering from the Moshoeshoe Walk but her fatigue has nothing to do with the 116km she endured. The walk in the mountains – far from the rascals, perverts, thieves and pretenders of Maseru – was fun. The pain in her muscles was inflicted by the epic incompetence she witnessed over the three-day …

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